Nutrition info for GMS

  1. Nutrition info for GMS

    Just got bulk GMS in the mail, am precontest and want to give it a whirl. If I recall correctly, GMS is considered a fat? So to make it fit into my diet I would count it as a fat and remove fat from somewhere else? I believe hemavol has 2g/scoop so I was going to start there. Thoughts?

  2. you are correct
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  3. Gaelic Media Service, a Scottish media organisation
    George Martin Stephen (born 1949), a British headmaster and author
    Geographic Messaging Service, a location-based mobile messaging service
    General medical services, the contract under which NHS general practitioners work
    Globalization Management System, a type of software for automating human language translation
    Global MapleStory, the north american version of a multiplayer online role-playing game
    Glycerol monostearate, a type of emulsifier
    GMS (music group) the psychedelic trance music group, also known as Growling Mad Scientists
    GMS (software), groundwater simulation software
    Gömöri methenamine silver stain, histological stain used to identify fungi by staining of the cell walls
    Greater Mekong Subregion, a region that includes nations and territories located in Mekong River basin

  4. wut
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

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