Oral Clen and (Lipoderm Ultra+Cap) Mixing Question.

  1. Oral Clen and (Lipoderm Ultra+Cap) Mixing Question.

    Do I NEED to mix my oral clen with Lipoderm Ultra?? I have 200mg/1ml-60ml Clen and I rather take it orally. Will I still get the potential benefits that I have been reading about if use Lipoderm Ultra and Cap but not mixed with clen?

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  3. Why wud yu "NEED" to mix them

  4. I read on this forum that users mix them and it gives the same effect without the sides, but that it also makes the Lipoderm Ultra more effective.

  5. Never even heard of Lipoderm Ultra, but a quick look-up shows a basic stim complex. You can take them together if you want, but who knows if you will reap more fat burning. Clen is just in a whole different league for fat burning.

    If it were me, i wouldn't take together. Clen is rough at higher dosages, and i wouldn't recommend adding more stims to that. BP would probably skyrocket. You could try playing with the dosages, but, if it came down to lowering clen dose to be able to run Lipoderm... that's stupid. Clen should be #1.

  6. This was one of the articles I am referring too. www mindandmuscle net/articles/clenbuterol-the-addendum-by-chris-clancey/

    I have already been on 2 weeks of clen (my first cycle). Today is my last day of 2 weeks and I am at 150mg/day. The majority of the fat on me is centered right in my love handles/abs. If the claims for the Lipoderm-Ultra + clen are true then it could by just what I need. (some people also use Napalm+Clen)


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