DAA/Animal Test combo?? is an AI really necessary?

  1. Question DAA/Animal Test combo?? is an AI really necessary?

    Hey guys,

    been looking at a natty test combo and heard good stuff about Animal Test & DAA combo.

    I understand and have read that DAA increase your natty test, but also like everyother test booster, raises aromatase which = more estrogen. The Animal Test has 3,4 divanii which is a AI, but do you think a separate AI, such as formadrol or erase is needed to moderate estrogen? Anyone have experienced negative sides with DAA and noticing any estrogen effects? or is everyone else taking the estrogen aspect out of proportion??

  2. i would rather take erase an animal test but thats just me
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla
    i would rather take erase an animal test but thats just me
    Agreed. Don't think you need 2 test boosters.
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  4. Take erase pro an DAA. Good stuff

  5. Many forget that AI's arent just something that is 'needed' per se, but they are beneficial in testosterone boosting stacks.

    If your testosterone increases your estrogen should increase, by means of the aromatase enzyme. If you inhibit this enzyme (AI), less testosterone gets converted into estrogen, this more T and less E
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  6. Definitely go with Erase over Animal Test. In fact, the cissus in animal test is in direct conflict with the main ingredient (arachidonic acid). Co-administration of the two is dumb, and given the price tag, you could buy 2 bottles of Erase for equivalent cash.


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