udca liver aid

  1. udca liver aid

    What is a good brand of udca or tudca liver aid supplement besides nutraplanets?

  2. Livelonger by thermolife has gotten some great reviews. I've got myself a cycle and am going to be stacking it with liver armor. I'll be following this log. Curious what others have experienced.

  3. As far as I know, UDCA is only available by perscription (Ursodiol).

    With TUDCA, the only other one I know of besides nutraplanet is called Aegis. Was looking at picking it up for a while since nutraplanet STILL HASN'T RESTOCKED TUDCA grrrr....

    Nutraplanet's tudca is the best value by far, but that's rather irrelevant when they don't have it lol.

  4. i know i like to support nutra but i am starting cycle in 10 days. wanna preload by a week or so

  5. Look at Aegis by Antaeus.

  6. thanks, liver longer is sold out on a couple sites, i wanted to make one big order.

  7. nutraplanets is a high dose which is nice, i hope its legit though.


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