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    I know right!!!!!
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    I remember when I was 16 and thought creatine was such a "hardcore" supplement..sigh.

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    Would kre all be a good idea to switch to precontest? To avoid any type of intracellular water and keep the water in the muscle?
    I think most would recommend Magnesium Creatine Chelate, Creatine Nitrate, or Creatine Ororate if bloating or water retention is a real concern. I have not used any of these before, but I am going to get around to trying them as soon as I am finished with my kilo of Creapure as I have heard great things about all 3 of these kinds of creatine.

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    Do you think its a good idea to take creatine and erase together? Isnt erase supposed to dry you out and creatine pretty much fills you with water right?
    Nothing wrong with stacking creatine and Erase. And as already mentioned, creatine causes INTRAcellular water retention and Erase decreases EXTRAcellular water retention, so there is NO conflict. Just to note that if you don't know what either does, then I recommend that you make yourself aware.


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    Hey just wondering if it's worth taking Creatine & when the best time to take it
    I woudl do half before workotu and half after and on non workotu days just take it all at oen time. when dosent really matter
    I take my ASGT pre-WO then postal or creatine mono Post-WO
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  5. Creatine monohydrate is the best. It's the most researched and studied because it is the best. All these "new and better" formulas are for people to get sucked into what it really is, a scam. dont fall for the marketing scams



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