Dosing Anabeta Elite ?

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster

    Try Arginine nitrate...ive sampled both CN and AN and always go back to AN. I feel the arginine is playing a role in the nitrate intolerance

    4 caps of Yok3d + AnaBeta makes the skin around my biceps hurt on arms day...and my forearms look like im taking something illegal
    I can vouche for this! Yok3d +Anabeta (Elite) was great for me. Got a lot more stretch marks where my chest and shoulders meet and on my hamstrings.

    Makes me look BA hah

  2. I love Ham. Haven't had any ham in a long time. I think I might purchase a ham tomorrow or Sunday.

  3. AnaBeta, Yok3d and SS Agmatine stack?

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