I'm looking to supplement l-histidine, BUT if I take

  1. I'm looking to supplement l-histidine, BUT if I take

    L-carnosine would I get the benefits if I took l-histidine? l-histidine and beta alanine converts to L-carnosine..

    If I just take L-carnosine would I get the benefits of beta alanine AND histidine or it doesnt work like that??

    i want the benefits that come with l-histidine im not sure if I should just take a histidine product or a l-carnosine product

    any help is appreciated, thanks

  2. You should take a beta-alanine product. Carnosine can be useful at over 500mg in a single dose, immediately preworkout.
    The above is my own opinion and does not reflect the opinion of PES

  3. l-histidine is plentiful in the body. No need to take a supplement. Just take some beta alanine.
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