Hey guys! Name's Ed. Been lurking the google search results that kept leading me here for a while and I figured it was time to post. Don't mean to be "that guy" who's first post is full of questions, but I guess that's how it turned out.

So I'm one of the Beta Testers for a new stim free USP product. It's a powder meant to be 6 days on and 1 off. It's only week one but so far we know it increases stamina and pump by (in lamens) force feeding glycogen into your muscles. I love it already and am seeing positive effects.

Anyway, I decided that there's no better time to research and purchase my first stack. I've always taken one thing or another alone(like Jack3d, or a fat burner) with your standard protein, but I want to try out something synergistic to push me to the next level. I think I've settled on a triple threat of Oxyelite + Compound 20 + Anabolic Pump + the beta powder.

Any thoughts on this? I'm trying to maintain my gains, maybe even increase some, on the ass end of my cut. Thanks guys! Love your work and vibe here.

5' 9" 180lbs 10-11% bf