joint pain??

  1. tendonitis pain

    trying to find an easier way to ease tendonitis pain in my elbows.would dissolving glucosomine/chondroitin in dermabolics transport matrix help in any way or better to mix 50% dmso with it??? any other ideas??? chemo????
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  2. I would just stick to the regular dosing route. Search for joint pain, I posted a fairly imformative article on the currently available options.

    Or you could always use adequan..
  3. Talking

    anyone think this would be of any use????

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bronx220
    anyone think this would be of any use????
    Tendon pain, hence "tendinitis," is different from joint pain. While glucosamine and chondrotin can be quite effective for joint pain, I'm not so sure that tendinitis will respond to either of the two. However, I have found DMSO, and to a lesser extent topical MSM formulations, in conjunction with either oral ibuprofen or naproxin, to be helpful in dealing with my shoulder tendinitis.

  5. Somehow I misread that as joint pain, not tendon pain

    Well...deca or eq would certainly help


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