New thought on taking OG Anabeta

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    Quick update (10 days in):

    I am using the Anabeta Elite with Erase Pro, SNS DAA caps and Compound 20. Going for a lean bulk, but mostly looking for strength gains (went away from weights for a long period of time to do endurance events). Going to use the first 3 for two months and the Compound 20 for only the first month(took advantage of the great Carbonite Stack sale a while back).

    I actually started using these a few weeks ago, but not even a week in I injured my back (strained lower back muscle) and had to shut down for a little over a week. So I stopped taking everything except the DAA, figuring on the 2 weeks or so for it to build up and start working anyway. The biggest thing I am noticing up until to today is the strength increases. Especially compound lifts, I am adding weight to squats and deadlifts and stuff following a planned progression, and as I add weight it is actually feeling easier if that makes any sense. Today for the first time I started to notice a huge increase in agression at the gym. I didn't want to leave. I found myself doing a few extra movements and then I forced myself to go home. I'll update in a few days if that continues or was an isolated event.
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    I did that on my first anabeta (bulking) run. It was good. I found i didnt need more than 4 for fatloss though

    i would never take OG anabeta during a cut. no way. i wanna eat like a horse on that. anabeta elite is a different story
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  3. I've been doing it like this the past week (and for the next 4 weeks).....for the no carb days I take it only if I work out, 2 caps pre-WO....don't take any if its a no-carb non-WO day....On the two WO days that are high carb I take 2 Pre-WO, and 2 caps with the next whole food meal, and 1-2 caps with the next high carb meal of the day. So it breaks down to 2 days at 5-6 caps, 3 days at none, and 2 days at 2 caps a day.

  4. How do you like it?
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    thank you!! PM sent

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    How do you like it?
    just started this protocol due to switching to 5 keto days and 2 carb days.....only been on it for about 3/4 of a week so far. I was taking the same OG AB during PCT though at normal dosing the previous month, along with Na-Rala and slinsane that combo makes you hungry as fuq. and I'm NEVER hungry but the hunger is good on the carb days of course, I don't take the AB or slinsane on non-carb days though (other than pre-WO dose with the AB) so I don't get crazy hunger on the lower-cal no-carb days....working out well so far though....

  7. Good to hear
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  8. I played around with dosing the past few days. What I found is taking 3 instead of 4 on non workout days does not seem to matter much, but I did find benefit in taking 5 on training days. So I am going to stick with breakfast-lunch-snack before dinner on off days, and 2 before-2 after workouts (early AM), and a single cap with a snack before dinner (taking it with a protein shake or something 60-90 minutes before I eat really helps with appetite for dinner, and thats my last meal of the day so I like to pack it down).

  9. Quote Originally Posted by R1balla View Post
    So today i decided to dose OG anabeta that my friend had in place of the ABE im on now.

    1 cap upon waking

    2 caps pre workout

    2 caps post workout

    1 cap at night

    I seriously love this dosage. lemme know how any of you like it if you try it
    This is exactly how I ran it over 4 bottles. I loved it.

  10. dang. 4 bottles is alot!
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