American Pure Whey Protein... personal experience with terrible results

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  1. Same confusion here, I just tried to jump in and defend Texas

  2. i negged him lol. cuz i was the one who made the comment in the first place. texas just agreed with me.

    edit: he was prbly just pissed to be one of the suckers LOL

  3. I hope there protein is legit, I've been using them for about a year. I can't tell the difference in there protein and others that I use but I don't know that I could. I have in the past had shipping problems with them but it always worked out in the end.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by tim_1890 View Post
    I did not read all the negatives comments, about America Pure Whey and ordered from their web site. What a nightmare!!!
    I ordered 20 pounds of whey on 17 May 2012. I waited and never received it (6 days later) on 23 May, so I contacted FEDEX and gave them the FEDEX tracking number that was given to me by American Whey protein (Google check-out via-email) and FEDEX told me there was no package under that tracking number. Fed-x told me I should contact American Pure Whey Protein CO to ask them about the whey shipment. Well, American Pure Whey does not answer any phone calls (I left messages too) when you call their number listed on the American Pure Whey site. I was sent an email by John Hawk (American Pure Whey REP.) 25 May 2012. He told me, I sent the whey out on 24 May 2012, read our shipping policies; we have a 2-6 business days to ship the product. There was no, "I AM SORRY I DID NOT RETURN YOUR PHONE CALLS," HE COULD CARE LESS AND WAS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! So I went to the American Pure Whey web site to read shipping policies. That just proves John Hawk lies, he can't even tell the truth about his shipping policies to customers.

    It says:

    Shipping policy
    Orders of "in stock" items are normally shipped within two-three days. Our normal shipping is FEDEX Ground or U.S.P.S. We ship from California/North Carolina, so east coast orders arrive the fastest. Air shipping is available at actual cost. Please note that containers may be black, blue or white in color based on availability. We offer free shipping (when offered) only within the CONTINENTAL USA

    American pure whey did not ship my whey in 2 or 3 days!!!
    So I call me bank and explained everything and was given a full-refund, cancelled my credit card. My bank put a claim against American Pure Whey/Google. TRUST ME, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Plus several people have done independent test on American Pure whey and it was showing about 12% protein in it. The whole company is a bunch of liars and their product does not meet protein % per gram of protein (as listed on their label).

    American Pure Whey is a terrible company, and that’s a fact!!! I am warning everyone so they do not deal with the headaches I was given from American Pure Whey. I'm just glad I did not get their product, since it got terrible reviews. PLUS CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON-EXSISTENT!!!
    When you call American Pure Whey's number listed of their web site, it is an answering machine and it does not even say you have contacted AMERICAN PURE WHEY when you hear their answering machine pick-up (you wonder if you been scammed???). Their "out of date" website looks like a "FAKE" web site selling products.
    I called FEDEX and told them I will refuse any shipment from American Pure Whey.

    DAMN BRO, im in the same boat as you... i ordered 20lbs of ISO on May 18th, 2012, money was charged the same day, and package was "SHIPPED" on the 21st.. Delivery Estimate was May 24th....
    it is now May 26, and no sign of my damn package...
    FEDEX hasnt even changed the status from "INITIATED".....
    i called FEDEX and they also told me they havent recieved the package if not it would have atleast said "PICKED UP".....
    I tried calling APW but "Jhon Hawk" doesnt answer and he wont return my calls or emails...
    WTF can i do... you think my bank account will reimburse my money..? **** man im pissed...
    i have ordered from them twice and both transactions were great... til this one...

  5. T-Bone is right and others are completely wrong about me being a Rep.

  6. Do exactly like I did. I did not lose anything, just wasted about 15 minutes of my time with 2 phones (refused package with tracking number from FEDEX and called my bank. If you ordered with a bank Visa card you are protected.

  7. My friend was scammed by them. I almost gave into them and purchased about 2-3 years ago. Happy I did not!!!
    iForce Nutrition Representative
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by tim_1890 View Post
    Do exactly like I did. I did not lose anything, just wasted about 15 minutes of my time with 2 phones (refused package with tracking number from FEDEX and called my bank. If you ordered with a bank Visa card you are protected.

    TIM, can you help me get my money back...?
    what exactly did you do/say to fedex and your bank?
    cuz im just tired of waiting for this damn package and i am doubting the quality now since all this problems came up...
    i would really appreciate the help..
    i tried Pm'ing you, but i dont have enough posts...


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