Some SSRI Help

  1. Some SSRI Help

    First off ive been on meds since kindergarten. Anyway i was taking 200 mg of luvox a day. 100 am 100 pm. But i started gettimg milky breasts so i dropped down to 100 a day. But my ocd has gotten worse so im thinkin of going back to 150 a day. Im just scared will this make me have breasts or not be able to reach my full potential? Or will i be ok as long as i have a good diet and workoit routine? Also i used to be fat so my man boobs really suck

  2. If you start lactating because of your meds go talk to your doctor.

    Some supplements that can help with that; mucuna pruriens, P-5-P, SAMe and aromatase inhibitors.
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  3. I actially have some daa and erase but will probably save for bulk. Other tjan eing wierd is the milk tits bad?

  4. Do ssris raise estrogen?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AmazingAJ
    Do ssris raise estrogen?
    They can, but prolactin is more likely the culprit here.

  6. So the luvox probably isnt ba enuff for me to wry about? Whats prolactin?

  7. Btw tits dont leak its only when i squeze them

  8. I got tested when it firststarted prolactinis 6. Range is 2-18

  9. Quote Originally Posted by AmazingAJ View Post
    I got tested when it firststarted prolactinis 6. Range is 2-18
    When you first started your meds? If that's the case have him retest you. If it still comes up within the normal range, have him test your estrogen levels.


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