IGF Long r3 - Did I destroy my peptide?

  1. Unhappy IGF Long r3 - Did I destroy my peptide?


    I received my Long R3 from a very trusted source. When I went to put in the AA there was a vacuum in the bottle, which I did NOT know about(very dumb I know). Anyway, the AA shot straight into the peptide very vigorously and it even caused bubbles. So my questions is...

    have I destroyed the peptide? Should I even bother using it? Should I just order a new bottle and BE CAREFUL THIS TIME.

    I know you are supposed to let it drip slowly because of the fragility.

    Thanks guys for any help.

  2. it's fine --people are overly cautious--it gets banged to hell during shipping
    the only reason you dont fire the bac in is cause the bubbles let it settle in fridge draw it later-go to another bottle

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