supplements for college athletes

  1. so I have been all over the place asking what to take and what not to take for my upcoming endeavor into the collegiate athlete world..

    I have been to trainers, physicians, and even NCAA consultants about what to take and they all say the same thing..."the ban list Is not a closed list and we do not recommend the use of any supplements"

    I say that's bull....there is no way in hell you look at some of these D1 players and say its ALL natural...not trying to take away from their hard work but let's be real....

    so I'm out looking for the best supplements for mass that are a safe bet for those of us competing on a collegiate level

  2. protein and hard work? idk haha im not in college athletics, but I have heard stories of college teams that supply mandatory protein shakes after every workout/practice or w/e. But that could just be stories.

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