is Licogenix an MAOI??

  1. is Licogenix an MAOI??

    Just curious as to how strong of an MAOI Licogenix is, noticed on my Mucuna bottle it says to avoid MAOI's.
    When you search the compound that Licogenix is made from, it mentions its use as a skin lightening agent due to the tyrosinase inhibition (enzyme that degrades tyrosine, correct?) during topical application…
    So, my question is, MAOI users are recommended to avoid foods high in tyrosine to avoid the buildup in the body, which can do weird things to blood pressure, etc. Since Licogenix has the potential (or not, depending on M.O.A. internally vs topically…) to inhibit the breakdown of tyrosine, should it be avoided to take Licogenix when also taking Mucuna products?
    Just trying to play it on the safe side, don't want an accidental flub up bc i mixed something…
    Thanks all.

  2. You got it all wrong... and i think you are confusing tyramine and tyrosine.

    You can take Mucuna with Licogenix, no issues at all.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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