Nutrition(health proetin ,healthy carbs,healthy fats)

  1. Nutrition(health proetin ,healthy carbs,healthy fats)

    it surprised me so much ,that most people dont pay attention to nutriton if they really
    want to grow.instead they rely on ph or i am not bashing gear or ph.i actually plan to do a mohn
    cycle coming just saying nutrition is the foundationin which you build your house.(body)But its like i say
    i know a secret and have a BIG advantage of the people that rely on supplements and gear ,that do not know
    nutrition.and i use it to my advantage.

    btw i also like to compare muscle ..i have a webcam on yahoo and ill pose anyone down=) its the competiveness in me. anyways i want to keep learning about nutrutuion,which im doing great,thats my major,any learnign information on nutrition is welcomed

  2. Glad your eager to learn, and I agree a lot of people fall back on ph's and gear for growth and go up and down in weight like a yo yo. We have tons of info here on nutrition so keep start reading. later J

  3. My secret is to set realistic short term goals and eat like a mother to achieve them. Usually if i don't get them i attribute it to diet.

  4. i agree hypo in setting goals and acheiving them. i like to set a longterm goal and set shorterm goals to get the the longterm goal. Its just like when you visit the beach and you step off the boardwalk,and you see a have to put your feet in the sand and take it one step at a time.then gradually youll get just depends how much energy ,tennicy and persistance.

    then when you get your goal youll have a big smile on your face and be laughing your ass off like crazy.lmaooooooooooooooooooooo oooooo

  5. im doing ti along the way because i know i have already acheived my goal in my mind(230 lbs ripped muscle)



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