Glucophage experiences

  1. Glucophage experiences

    I'm interested in hearing/reading any first-hand Glucophage (Metforin) experiences. I know how it works, and am well informed of the toxicity and other side effects; nor do I have any interest in using it; however, it's even less talked-about than insulin/DNP use, and I am quite interested in knowing how it affected bodybuilders of our circle.

    I'm assuming some mild body recomposition effect with headaches and overall lowering of the sense of well-being as a common experience, but would love to hear more details.


  2. I've used it before and liked it. Got really good pumps in the gym that stayed with me for a while. I didnt see any great change in body composition(a little increase in hardness), but did like the pumps. It can make you feel like **** though especially if you take it on an empty stomach and have a low tolerance. Blood sugar drops too low and gives you headache, euphoria and feel like you are going to throw up or pass out. Its not something to be played with and low doses are recommended for someone with normal insulin function, if one does decide to use it.
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    I'd been wondering about potentially using it during the carb-up phase of pre-contest conditioning. That or ALA. Wonder if it would help a great deal...?

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