What would be more effective pct?

  1. What would be more effective pct?

    I have a couple of bottles of things lying around and was wondering what you think would be a more effect stack.
    I have
    Daa + recycle
    Recycle + triazole

    What do u think

  2. DAA + Triazole an option?

  3. Yes most certainly is! Was just very keen to run recycle heard a bit of hype about it

  4. Recycle looks solid for sure, but I'd still prefer DAA and Triazole.

  5. Wont be using for another month but sounds good. Ill save my recycle and maybe stack it with dpol in the future

  6. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    DAA + Triazole an option?
    was going to say this as well

  7. Cheers for your help guys! Much appreciated

  8. DAA and Triazole for sure.

  9. Well i am convinced! Thanks boyzz

  10. PCT for what?
    ***PES Representative***

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Aleksandar37 View Post
    PCT for what?
    his creatine cycle, obviously


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