D-Aspartic Acid x Blood Work

  1. D-Aspartic Acid x Blood Work

    Anyone on the boards ever had their blood work done to see how their test levels were affected by daily DAA dosing?

    I ordered a blood test from privatemdlabs.com to get test level info and realized ten minutes later I've been taking 3g DAA daily for over a week now.

    It's for personal reference btw.

    Curious as to anyones experiences regarding natural test boosters and blood work, and would it behoove me to stop dosing for a certain time period and then get tested...???

    Been feeling low T for a minute and just got health insurance last week - but don't wanna pay for full work-up unless **** is mad low. My health insurance through the Laborer's union out here isnt the best and the female hormone panel is cheaper than a visit + blood work at a primary care physician.

    Ahhh, the lovely world of manual labor.

  2. If you want a true baseline I would hold off on any blood work until a couple weeks after stopping anything that could alter it. Especially since you are paying for it.
    PEScience Representative

  3. Ouch. My problem with patience just punched me when I read that!

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