Atomic Meltdown!

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  1. Atomic Meltdown!

    Nutraplanet will have a limited run of Atomic Meltdown coming in next week, from the incomparable Flawless Skin Couture brand.

    Get your Lean and Tan on, and turn some heads this summer...I DARE you.

  2. Awesome! Lean and Tanned :3 perfect for a day at the pool/beach for some hot ladies !

  3. Awesome i hope i dont get my hopes up again for nothing lol.

  4. Any chance at all of Banish or Java lather having a limited run Matt or is this the last ride of Flawless?

  5. There is an announcement about FSC. All products will be back in time.

  6. Great to see this back, Matt. Great stuff!


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  7. Let's see how quickly supplies can get here for Java Lather Jumbo. There will be SOME stock there when the Atomic Meltdown arrives. I'll see if they are up for a combo sale.

  8. You have an idea on how much longer its gonna be until atomic meltdown is in stock? cuz i have someone willing to sell me a bottle they got at the Arnold for 40 bucks.

  9. Should be shipping out tomorrow, which means it'll be in stock on Friday.

  10. ah thanks dsade, should be under 40 dollars too right?lol

  11. Should be under $30.

  12. Shipped! Nutraplanet will have this Friday.

  13. I have wanted to try this.
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  14. Quick tip for those paying attention....

    Atomic Meltdown is live but 1) they mistakenly put it under the old RPN brand
    2)they VERY mistakenly marked it at $22.99 instead of $29.99

    Hit it up quick and you can save $7. I have already emailed them for corrections.

  15. i bought it for 24.99 and now its 19.99.
    i might buy a couple more

  16. Can't wait to try this stuff

  17. what is the price now?

  18. The price on Atomic Meltdown is $29.99...and worth every penny.

  19. YES!! been waiting a while for this one

  20. Can't wait to smell maple-y fresh again.

  21. Final packaging!

  22. Looks cool!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
    Can't wait to smell maple-y fresh again.
    The maple smell is long gone. If you want some of the old version, though, I have all of the original returns

  24. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    The maple smell is long gone. If you want some of the old version, though, I have all of the original returns
    I'll take a couple. Let's work something out.

    It reminds me of that movie Wedding Crashers


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