As many of you are aware, Recompadrol has been OOS for quite some time.

Heres some information why.

Raw material price went up for banaba 20% material.

This price STILL didnt go down, but i went a head and waited and i saw how many of you were missing it.

Well i waited long enough!!! So heres some good news!!!

All ingredients got to the manufacturer, unfortunatly the banaba 20% material was not enough. Therefore we are now looking at:

Manufacturer Start Date : MAY 4TH

Lead time from then is about 4-6 weeks.

While we were waiting for everything to be put together we had some label redesign

We still have some old labels for recompadrol so this next run will only have about 440-460 labels with the old label. The rest will have this label. However, The new label will only be sent out randomly from each order from the EBF website. More details about why later.

So theres an update i know many of you were looking for!

Thanks for being patient