Tamox ?'s

  1. Tamox ?'s

    Hi I'm new to the board. I'm not a home brewer I use the name brand stuff. So even though I have been training for years I am still new to a lot of topics discussed here. I have done a lot of reading on the board in the past couple of days, and I did not see much on Tamox. Right now I use Nolvadex tabs to control estrogen levels. I was reading about Tamox on some other sites. My question: is Tamox safe to inject? I see it for sale on other sites usually with a pin. But the bottle does not look like a sterile container. Does the Tamox need to be prepared some how? Should it be added with injections? Is the pecs the best injection spot? Any help is welcomed.

  2. You can't be serious? What do your nolva tabs say for the avtive ingredient?


  3. Yes I'm serious. My Nolvadex tabs do not say anything, because I have never bought them in the original package. The only reason I need to know is because the Nolvadex is too much right now. I know you guys hate talking to dumb asses but I really need my ?'s answered. If you are saying Tamox is in Nolvadex thats fine but that still doesn't answer my ?'s.

  4. Okay.. this is somewhere on this site but I will answer it.. if you promise to search before you ask something like this again..
    Okay the answer is.. YOU DON'T PIN IT.. it is an oral solution..

  5. thats not a pin in the pictures its an oral syringe and yes tamox is novladex...

  6. Thanx guys.

  7. And by the way, I didn't mean to imply that you are a dumb ass, like Matt said the info is all over this board.

  8. Thanks guys.


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