1. n00b

    Hello people! I'm still somewhat new to the scene, and after months of getting horrible half-a55ed responses from every other forums, I came here hoping for a decent response that will help me and keep me from getting discouraged
    But before that here is a little about me:
    Khalid, 25 yrs old
    Currently weigh 144 (started at 115)
    Goal weight: 165 (maybe more?)
    Not too sure about my other specs..
    Length working out: about 26 weeks
    I go 5-6 times a week (I don't always workout, one or two days i go to do some light cardio, just to follow my routine)

    I have made slow but steady progress and I have never felt better about myself

    Now my problem: supplements..here is my list
    Animal Pak in the morning about 9:30-10AM
    Kre-alkalyn (Hyper Gain) about 7:00PM
    Craze with MusclePharm Creatine about 7:15
    Scivation Xtend during my workout
    100% Whey Protein within 30 minutes after my workout (and 2 other times throughout my day)

    This is all with about a 3000 calorie a day diet..
    1.I end up spending a lot more than I want to, so I wanted to know if I'm wasting my money on all of these, and if there anything I can cutout..
    2.I have noticed my strength is going up, but my mass gaining seems to be at a standstill...is there anything I can take to help me out?


  2. I'm probably the last person to be having an input on a diet but this is a normal responce ive been reading:

    Accurately track you calories, alot of times what people think they are eating is no where near what they think they are. If the numbers workout and your macros' are on point, eat more.

    to save some $, you could possibly cut out the Hyper-gain(is this basically a mass gain shake?) and just buy some bulk chicken, or talapia. Also could just get cheep store brand protine or cut it out all together and just get it with food. (i prefer shakes though!)

    what you got there seems like a good staple suppliment intake. i think this board is torn on Animal, ive used it before but havent lately. have some, just hate taking what feels like 30 pills in the morning when fishoil and other stuff is included. could also save with the pwo by buying the main stuff in bulk powder. just dont complain about the taste, haha.

  3. Animal pack is somewhat unnecessary, IMO

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