matrix anabolic whey protien . d.a.a

  1. matrix anabolic whey protien . d.a.a

    i know we all r different but dudes i have tried many protien brands but this one for me wins hands down for the worst metalic tasting supp i have ever had. sci max is sscond and cyclone is my 3 least favourite. but hey if it doses the job then greet. i wounder if its the l glutine that makes it so nasty.
    also d.a.a by matrix very good price and all good. just wondering has anyone else suffered at its wrath on the taken it with food but my stomach is saying no fregging whey. . is there a better way to take it with out running the toilet gwantlet.

  2. They use pure DAA, which has a poorer solubility than the ingredient (Na-DAA) used in the study showing a 42% T increase in healthy males. If you want a Na-DAA product that should largely ameliorate the GI issues, check out Serious Nutrition Solutions DAA.

  3. cheers i will look into it. is there anything i can do with this daa product to get better results from it??

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