Anyone Try Betancourts Big Blend?

  1. Anyone Try Betancourts Big Blend?

    Looking at this product, and prior to this I think the most sources ive seen was 12. I know the whole theory of multiple sources, I think at least. I thought it was something like taking in proteins that digest at all different rates increases the absorption or something like that? Idk, someone feel free to fill me in on that. Either way is taking 1 gram of 22 different proteins really going to accomplish anything much more impressive than just 5 grams of 4 different proteins, or even better 10 grams of 2?, and if not would maybe taking like 3 scoops of this at the same time yield some type of superior result? Idk just wondering because I havent been able to go to work, workout, drink, or have sex for a week.

  2. Totally lost in this post. What do you want to know about the protein and what does not having sex for a week have to do with this

  3. Protein source is largely irrelevant, though I prefer a blend. Look into XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 or Trutein for superior blends

  4. what im trying to say is how does multiple sources of proteins really differ from a single source, I was mentioning ive heard of products that have around 12, and thinking 22 seems like a bit of overkill on this concept of multiple sources. Than I was trying to add that I wouldnt even really be pondering this subject unless I had endless amounts of time to troll the internet and look at supplement profiles

  5. Im pretty sure there are only 7 sources...when they say 22 proteins i think it means 22grams of protein per serving. with that being said i tried the vanilla and the taste wasn't that good. kind of bitter and sour never the less i finished the whole 5lbs but wont be buying it again.



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