Phenibut, Drunk Feeling?/??

  1. Phenibut, Drunk Feeling?/??

    what do u guys know about phenibut powder?
    whats the dif. between aniracetam, and piracetam
    and what does meca extract do?

  2. I used phenibut and never got a drunk feeling. I felt relaxed but not drunk.

  3. you wont get "drunk" taking phenibut but it will enhance the effects of alcohol on your brain. so you may get drunk off a lot less beers than what your used to, and the effect can last for hours, even overnight.

  4. Me and a friend were morons and took about 10 grams each and drank a ton. We were ****ed up the next day and most of the following day. Funny thing was it was my birthday the next day after I took the phen and I had to be a host to my family party while my head was spinning and i couldnt walk straight... It was like being hungover and drunk at the same time, HORRIBLE. Yeah I know most of you will think what a freakin moron I was and you would never do something like that but I actually had started out with 4 grams for each of us but theres something about mixing it with alcohol that makes you wanna do more and more, with it I was able to drink a 5th of vodka and still be able to carry on a conversation intelligently and remain aware of my surroundings... It was the best drunk ive ever had but it wasnt worth the hangover. So I hope i atleast stop one person from taking too much or mixing these at all for that matter. Just cause its legal dont mean its harmless rings true here.

    Cosmo: "Once you Pop you can't Stop"

    edit: Oh I forgot to mention the throwing up. I couldn't even hold water down for half of the day after and my friend who NEVER throws up no matter how much he has was dry heaving his ass off too. Probably amost died frrom dehydration.

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