A question about compound 20

  1. A question about compound 20

    Hi chaps,

    My knowledge is somewhat limited concerning beta-2-receptors and their effects on the adrenal system. I'm recovering from adrenal fatigue so I can't use any form of stimulant at the moment, but I can keen to use compound 20 within the next month or so. Any views on whether it stresses the adrenal system and if so how much.

    Many thanks,


  2. Adrenal fatigue is not a true disorder, but you appear to understand that based on your concern for your "receptors." I would not be worried about using Compound 20.

  3. Mr Cooper,

    Thanks. Yes I know its not a medically recognised condition, although in sports circles the term adrenal insufficiency is used instead. I appreciate your help with this.

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