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    I don't normally put up reviews but since I'm riding the craze wave right now I got motivation and energy out the **s. That being said holy ***K I read all the reviews and kept thinking it's gotta be overhyped, but bought into the hype like I usually do with supps. Took my first dose today @ 1.25 scoops. Took about 30min. to kick in and then the effects just became more and more intense. It compares to nothing I have used as a pre-workout before, good pumps, amazing vascularity, amazing endurance and motivation, and good focus. No jitteriness very clean and lasts forever. Don't take within I'd say 7hr. of bed. I would also say that if you've had depression issues or are on any meds for it don't take this stuff or at least start at 1/2 a scoop and work up. That's just from what I've read about it not personal experience. Only down side I can say would be taste and that I can only take it once a week since all my other workouts are in the evening/night and I know I won't sleep. It literally heads above all other pre-workouts I've tried examples: Jak3ed,NO xplode 1 &2, White Flood, Assault, Lit-up, superpump 250 and max, c4, and others. It's hard to put to words what the effects are like all I can say is try it and I bet you won't regret it. Hopefully it doesn't get banned or changed in the near future. I have already gotten 4 more tubs and if nutra or someone else does a deal I will stock up even more for sure.

  2. I love Craze. I'm deciding if I should buy 3 tubs now, or wait to see the results of the lawsuit. I'm on my 3rd tub and still liking it.

  3. I'm not a fan of Craze. Its effects on me are fast and short lived and I don't get much out of it when I'm in the gym/working out at home. I wish I could say better things but I'm a non-responder.
    Powerlifting for the vertically gifted

  4. Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    I'm not a fan of Craze. Its effects on me are fast and short lived and I don't get much out of it when I'm in the gym/working out at home. I wish I could say better things but I'm a non-responder.
    it does seem that for whatever reason there are a few of you guys out there. That was my original worry. I wonder if it is similar to adderall/amphetamine then I know some people that have ADD and such amphetamine actually slows them down so maybe the non-responders fall in this category? Purely speculation.

  5. Nice review. I agree with you except on the taste... Craze is my favorite food.

  6. My experience with Craze mirrors that of the OP. Hands down best the PWO that I've ever tried. Although, it may wind up being pulled off the market, so stock up while you can.

  7. Well, I'm holding off on stocking up until I know why it is being pulled out. I love the stuff, but I want to know why it is being pulled. If for stupid reason such as not technically DSHEA compliant, I'll get few more. If it contained harmful substrance, that is a different story.

  8. Stack it with lemon drop hemavol. Even more effective and it tastes AMAZING! I found myself sipping on it instead of having to chug down craze when dosed by itself.

    1.5 scoops of both in 12oz. of water with 3 ice cubes is my sweet spot!



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