Monster Rehab with PROTEAN?

  1. Monster Rehab with PROTEAN?

    Anyone else tried this stuff? I think its relatively new but i've drank one before my work out for the past week and i've noticed increased endurance and some initial strength. Not sure if its just from the caffeine jolt. It seems great though. It has 15g of protein about 8g carbs and no sugar. What your guys take on this?

  2. Although I am a fan of Monster energy drinks I thought their Rehab line with the protein wasnt that great. Interesting idea... but I didnt enjoy it as much as the others. The one with red goji is really good though

  3. I like the other flavor Rehabs, and IMO it isn't bad, but its a bit chalky, weird texture. I also forgot to look at the form/source or protein.

  4. I've had it and it was....decent. I'll pick up another if I happen to be in the store and want some more protein and I have a study session that night that the caffeine could help. Other than that...meh.

  5. I LOVE vanilla batter cake PROTEAN....oh nevermind wrong product
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  6. Personally I was impressed that they made a line with protein and it contained all hydrolysate. 15 grams and I am an energy drink guy so anything that gives me a little boost, low calorie and 15g protein? I'm down. I wouldn't use it any other way though. Some guy at the school rec center uses it for his post-workout...shame lol

  7. Right on, anything w protein n energy at a gas station is great! Love the taste of this one!

  8. This is one of my favorite energy drinks. Good taste, protein and lower sugar. Sometimes I drink one in morning with my breakfast.

  9. I've tried the rehab lemonade and it was decent.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by vicesoldier View Post
    I LOVE vanilla batter cake PROTEAN....oh nevermind wrong product
    lmao.. i was confused at first to!
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