Hopefully someone in the no more knowledgable than me can shed some light on what phytoestrogens do in the body but more specifically in the male body if consumed,
    i gather they are found in certain food sources, i believe they act like estrogens in the body, do they increase estrogen in a male if to much is consumed, resulting in higher estrogen levels and lower T levels for a man, i believe some supp companys use them in test boosters
    A little confused if they are good or bad for a male, lower or rasie estrogen, or are they to weak to actually do anything?

    Any good factual info/feedback would be interesting.
    Thank you

  2. Most would say they are too weak at a normal intake. I try to stay away though. Not only do we have phyto estrogens mimicking hormones in our body but we also have xenoestrogens which are chemicals like bisphenyl a , parabens, pthalates that are tampering with our hormones. Recently it was discovered that heavy metals can also mimic hormones. Bottom line....our androgens and testosterone are under constant attack from natural as well as unnatural agents.
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  3. yes i am aware of xenoestrogens also in the environment atmosphere plastics household and toiletries, just was curious if phytoestrogens are so bad for a male that they can increase e and lower t as a result

    i read on wikipedia about phytoestrogens and it basically seemed to say they have no adverse effect on t levels in otherwise healthy males, as you say prob to weak to do much damage if at all hormonally
    Thanks for your input m8

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