Supplements for Joint-pain?

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  1. joint pain supplement

    If you have joint pains, then flexoplex is the best joint pain supplement and the best way you can address your problems from the root of it.

  2. How is it with arthritis issues?

  3. Re: Supplements for Joint-pain?

    Never heard of it what's in it?

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  4. I googled it & it had some pretty good reviews

  5. Might sound dumb, but this is the only joint support stuff I have found that works for me. However my injury is somewhat different than yours I had MRSA in my knee that destroyed everything Including cartlidge and the growth plates.

    Give it a try its cheap at Walgreens

    "Finest Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Double Strength Caplets"

  6. Thanx I'll check it out.


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