Man Scorch + Lean Xtreme + TTA-500 (cramps/pain)

  1. Man Scorch + Lean Xtreme + TTA-500 (cramps/pain)

    I started my Man Scorch + Lean Xtreme + TTA-500 Cutting stack on Monday and have been getting some pretty bad cramps/pain/soreness throughout my body. I've read that other people have experienced cramping when taking TTA and wanted to know what I can do to reduce it. I've already cut a couple of pounds and want to roll with this stack until all of the fat is melted! The energy from Man Scorch is great and I want to stick to the non-stim combo of LX + TTA-500. Currently 5'7 180lbs, want to cut down to 160-165lbs.


    Morning: 2 Man Scorch + 1 LX + 1 TTA-500

    Early Afternoon: 1 LX + 1 Man Scorch

    Pre-Dinner: 1 TTA-500

    Pre-bed: 1 LX

    Should I take two TTA-500's pre-bed instead of throughout the day to avoid cramping? Should I scale back on the dosage on TTA-500 or LX for the first couple of weeks?

    I'm also taking Optimen + 3-4 grams of DHA/EFA via Fish Oil. Should I up my fish oil dosage? I drink a ****-ton of water! I'm currently eating at a deficit but am getting a decent amount of complex carbs + healthy fats + protein. Should I start taking a joint support supplement?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I've, never experienced real bad cramps on tta. taking it closer to bed time might not sure if potassium and taurine would help or not. Might want to make sure your getting a good supply of those minerals on top of the electrolyts found in the tta500 hoe michael water would you say ur drinking?
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  3. Distance your TTA doses away from MAN Scorch. There are some ingredients in the formula that would augment the cramps. You can take the full gram of TTA-500 pre-bed to avoid that.

    Also, a cortisol control supplement like LX is likely giving you soreness too since it is indirectly pro-inflammatory.

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