View Poll Results: Which Preworkout should DJBeanPole use today?

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  • Maximize Intense BRO! What were you THINKIN'!

    1 20.00%
  • CRAZE man! Get your muscles CONNECTED to your mind up in the gym!

    4 80.00%


  1. DJBeanPole is Confused! CHOOSE HIS PREWORKOUT!

    So I'm looking to workout today after I wake up from getting off work. I'm at work right now and I keep trying to figure out which damn preworkout I'm going to use and you know what... with all the hectic-ness up in here at the hospital I just can't think about it anymore man. I need you guys to TELL me. VOTE it up.

    I have Maximize Intense. I've used it twice. I've ate/dosed it accordingly with StackedCop's recommendation and its worked wonderfully.

    I also have Craze. Now I've only tried it once at one scoop. I was thinking perhaps I'll give it a go with 2 scoops and see how it does... what with how much everyone talks it up and all.

    So help me out man. What WOULD YOU DO?

    When I wake up I'll know my answer and I'll let you all know how it goes. Thought I'd mix it up and rely on the bros here to help out.

    Both stacked with Hemavol, of course


  2. If you have both, I'd rotate every other workout.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Kekkuk
    If you have both, I'd rotate every other workout.
    Hmm I never considered this. Will start doing that after today... But which to start with!

  4. Good question.
    I take a scoop of craze. Two sounds like a good time...decisions, decisions.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kekkuk
    Good question.
    I take a scoop of craze. Two sounds like a good time...decisions, decisions.
    Dammit... No time to ponder! Off of work and heading to bed! I expect the polls to show a clear winner when I wake up!

  6. Ignite 2 for me, just came out, best I have used so far. Smooth stim focussing on stength and endurance in the gym. Lasts a while too...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  7. I went for Craze.

  8. Really a win win choice

    If stacking with Hemavol, the Craze formula can be a bit precarious in terms of additional ingredients - the formula is very sensitive, but I've heard people stacking it with Hemavol just fine.

    Craze will be more nootropic
    Max Int. will be more energy, and probably a better pump (even though with Craze high volume is CAKE and pumps are pretty epic)

    Either way, you won't be disappointed, they are both incredible formulas. If your 1,3 sensitive, I'd go Craze; if not, both would be a fantastic purchase from two stand up companies.

  9. Went with Craze for today. I think I will start alternating them until I run out of Craze and then stick to just Intense/Hemavol.

    I used two scoops and wasn't that thrilled at the results. Pumps seemed less, energy/focus seemed less after about a 30 minute high (most of which took place in the car on the drive to the gym god damn this stuff hit me FAST). No doubt it was working, but just not what I was hoping for. Intense has taken the cake for me.

    And now I have 3 unopened tubs of Craze laying around...


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