Question about Total Testosterone

  1. Question about Total Testosterone

    As part of a routine physical I got blood work done. On the results it lists my total testosterone at 408 ng/dl. There is no Free Test reading or any other information in the Testosterone section.

    I am 42 y/o male. 6'4", 215#, about 15% BF. Very active. No issues with fatigue..I feel great. Excercise every day. Sleep 8 hours a night. I would call my libido "very high", especially after starting an Intimidate/Erase Pro cycle. I am sexually active daily.

    My current supplement diet is: Fishoil, CoQ10, Intimidate, Erase Pro.

    My question is: if I feel like I am in excellent health, is there any reason to be concerned with a 'low normal' Test number ('low-normal' being my uneducated assessment)? My doc didn't mention it. All other blood factors normal.

    Any educated input welcome. Any hidden dangers?? I'm inclined to just go on with life and not worry about it.

  2. No reason to be concerned at all. Your testosterone is perfectly fine, especially if asymptomatic.

  3. I don't see the concern here. You're 42 with high libido and good body composition. Seems like you're doing fine

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