Protein Vs Meal Replacement

  1. Protein Vs Meal Replacement

    My question is kind of a nutrition question, but i figured id prob get more views here and i guess its kinda of a supplement question as well. Im looking for peoples experiences and or opinions when it comes to putting on quality weight. I have a high metabolism, its not so bad that I consider myself a hard gainer, but I cant put on fat at all, even if I stop exercising. All that happens when I stop training is I start to go through muscle loss after a month or so. Im interested in gaining about 10 -15lbs, this is a long term goal and I dont expect it to happen within even the course of a year or two. Finally, my question is, If you were to have to choose between protein sources to drink during the day, in between meals, would you use a protein meal replacement (like 8 types of protein in one scoop, ********, nitrocore, syntha 6, etc) or would you go with straight whey, or casein, or a mix of both. Also the cheapest protein I have been able to find is universal milk and egg. Idk if anyone has tried this or has any opinions on if it would be good to have in between meals.

  2. iForce cupcake batter protean with peanut butter and honey...thank me later.
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  3. Two scoops dymatize elite protein
    One cup oats
    Two tablespoons almond butter

    In 1.5 cups water. Add ice, blend, and grow.

  4. Depends on your goals. If your goal is to maintain then just go with a pure whey. If your bulking then go with a lean gainer. You can always add peanut butter oats etc(like listed above) for extra cals too. Pretty Simple

  5. 2 scoops trutein + 2 cups almond breeze (original non sweetened) + 30g almond butter + 56g kashi go-lean original.
    What I use and taste great!

  6. Whole food>Supplements

    Mind you satiety is another factor that supplements lack. Steak, rice, chicken, beef. Pound it down.
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