acai berry juice and extracts....anyone use them

  1. acai berry juice and extracts....anyone use them

    the juice is very tart but def flushes the system, anyone use the extracts for the anti ox properties?
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  2. Acai is the biggest load of snake oil on the market. Blueberries and a ton of other domestically produced fruits have a way higher antioxidant yield. Just because it's foreign and has a cool sounding name, acai is super vogue right now.

    The thing that kills me is when I watch MMA and some brazilian fighter will come out with his team all dressed in all purple "acai super fruit" gear. People think this random tropical fruit can do everything from cure cancer to make you capable of beating someones ass out of nowhere.

  3. i use a ton of fresh fruits daily, i got the juice to try it out....
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