Athletix Formula X not pink?

  1. Athletix Formula X not pink?

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post here so I want to start off by saying that I'm excited to have joined this forum. Thank you in advance for all your replies and glorious training wisdom.

    I ordered myself some Athletix Formula X from this website called Nutrition Arsenal. I really liked the older formula for this product, Adamantium, so I was really excited to try this newly updated version. When I was taking Adamantium, it was a pink powder that mixed well with water when added, aside from the DAA which naturally doesn't mix very well. It was pretty pink and definitely tasted strongly of pink lemonade, the advertised flavor.

    Anyways, I took my first serving of formula X today at the gym and noticed that it was clear and not pink like it used to be and it only slightly tasted of pink lemonade. At first I figured it would be different, of course, because it has another 4000 mg of added substance. But then I noticed that the "other ingredients" section of Formula X is identical to that of Adamantium.

    It reads:

    Natural and Artificial Flavoring
    Citric Acid
    Silicon Dioxide RED # 40 FD&C

    How is it that when I mixed it there was absolutely no hint of red (or any color for that matter) even though there is suppose to be RED coloring in this product. I feel like it should taste and look just as the Adamantium did... pink and like lemonade.

    Is anyone else taking this supplement and is yours clear like mine is? Should I be worried about this?? Are there any Athletix Reps that can que in on this?

  2. White powder. Mixes clear. Tastes great I'm sure JD will hop in here and reassure you!
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  3. Ahh. thanks. Is it possible that they forgot to update the "other ingredients" section of the label?

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