Can ZMA cause gyno?? help

  1. Can ZMA cause gyno?? help

    Ive taken ZMA before and have never noticed anything peculiar. However lately my nipples are getting more and more pointy. Not the whole nipple just the part that extends seems to be growing so i think it is prolactin. Should i stop immediately? Anything I can take to reverse this? Wasnt aware zma was strong enough to cause gyno. Will post picture if requested. PLS HELP. i just had a minor panic attack not knowing if this is permanent

  2. Vitamin B6 and L-Dopa are good for controlling prolactin. ZMA is the only supplement you're taking?

  3. Have never juiced either. ZMA is the only pro Im on

  4. I ran clen a couple weeks ago. But i didnt think that messed with hormones. That and pump-bol preworkout. And Noxyvol. The only one I assumed could cause gyno is zma

  5. Orgasm increases prolactin also. If you're really worried about it I'd cut that out until you get it under control if you're convinced it's prolactin gyno. Never heard of ZMA causing issues but you can cut that out as well and see if it improves. Sounds like you're probably just fine and overreacting.

  6. I haven't done much research on clen. Someone with more experience will have to chime in on that...

  7. Ok. Im going to the store right now to get some b6. Thanks

  8. One last question. After googling vitamin b6 with gyno everyone seems to reccomend vitamin b6 ED. what does the ED stand for? Does this mean the injectable version?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Trical View Post
    Ok. Im going to the store right now to get some b6. Thanks
    Make sure it's P-5-P form! ED = Each Day

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Jordinator View Post
    Make sure it's P-5-P form! ED = Each Day
    fuuu. so I just got back from walgreens and there were 2 brands and neither of them said anything about p-5-p anywhere. And i didnt want to make the same mistake i did with magnesium and get the wrong form and end up throwing it away. Is there a specific brand or store youd reccomend?

  11. Costco would have it, any Vitamin Shoppe or *** will have it also. Or you can just go with NutraPlanet. Any brand should work it's pretty basic. I wouldn't pay too much extra for any certain brand. The B-Complex I use is brand Country Life but Jarrow also a very popular brand. If you can wait it out just order online and get some fast shipping.

  12. How old are you, OP?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Trical View Post
    Have never juiced either. ZMA is the only pro Im on
    Err...clarify what you mean by "pro"?


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