Benzodiazpines and Weightlifting

  1. Benzodiazpines and Weightlifting

    Not sure if this is the right place to post so feel free to move it. I have a "friend" under the care of a physician and currently takes Klonopin for anxiety; to be used as needed. Since this medication affects the CNS I was wondering if it had any negative or positive effects/side effects on bodybuilding? Since it helps with stress management I would assume it would also lower stress-induced cortisol release?

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    to be used as needed

    Having taken Klonopin myself (and currently still do at a low dose before bed), I hope his/her doc didn't just say pop one of these whenever you feel like it. It can be very addictive, and even at my moderate dosing for a period of 3-4 months, it was difficult for me to reduce my dose to where it's at now (.25 mg/night). I'm no doctor, but it may help if your "friend" takes some breaks from it every now and then. The stuff definitely helps with anxiety, but it can be very sneaky because you don't realize you're becoming addicted. Once you're hooked, it's a mother to come off of.

  3. Yep. What dude said. Benzos are bad news and an absolute hell to stop. If need sleep, take ambien. I have taken tons of that over the years and can stop without any ill side effects. I also think Ambien boost GH as Ambien acts on GABA differently them Benzos. Kicking a hard core opiate addiction is a cakewalk to kicking Kpins after a month or two of steady use. You gotta be careful weaning down of that stuff as there is a huge risk of seizure and possible death. Long term users seem to have severe panick attacks for a while after stopping. Thank God I never really liked this stuff as my doctors used to write me these and Ativans for sleep, but I never really took or got my refills because I knew the problems they caused. Ambien can be so much more fun than benzos.

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