Yohimbine Difference

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    You'd be correct on dosing.

    How long would you continue said protocol? Also, what would be the consequences of taking a dose without an empty stomach
    I'd do it for 8-12 weeks, which should be the duration of your cut anyway. EC is simply too cheap and effective to pass up, and the alphaburn is a great addition.

    You want to take EC under basic conditions, but it's not the end of the world if you don't. However, if you take yohimbine within 2 hours of a significant rise in insulin, it has the potential to negate any positive effects of the aY on fat loss.

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    Will be starting the ECA stack tomorrow ... Any idea how should I dose it? I was gonna pop one pill of each before I do fasted cardio ... Taking Primatene for E
    for everyone 10mg of Ephedra run 100 mg of caffeine. You probably wont be able to find 10mg servings of it so 8mg is close enough.
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