Dateline-The Hanson Files

  1. Dateline-The Hanson Files

    A special on supplement testing and regulations is coming on in about 20 min. It is now 6pm MST.

    that is all..

  2. Just watched it. Pretty scary, but not surprising. Dry labs.....excellent.

  3. crap, no spoilers! lol

  4. I actually have that on right now. Watching the drug cartel stuff now.
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  5. My mom actually sent me a text about this after she finished watching it. If you guys can relay the info later, that will be great. I missed it in my area.
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  6. I was like "OH SHYT!!! here we go!!! let me guess? SUPERDROL???" lol but they went after some supp with 20mg selenium instead of 20mcg (YIKES!!) its aholes like that who deserve to get fuqed with not the PH's. at least we know what we are taking and the risks with PH's....someone putting in 2,000 times the amount on the label is a whole 'nother ball game.... you can kill a bitch like that....supedrol will just make you shyt out your liver , but at least we already know that part......

  7. Hell naw
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