Melatonin everyday

  1. Melatonin everyday

    Hi all,

    I have been taking melatonin for the past 3 days because of depression.I am able to sleep without even thinking anything.Both(1.5gm-3gm) dosages works equally good on me.I feel extremely happy on waking up.Can i use it for long time.

  2. Honestly if your fighting depression my friend i'd look into maybe seeing someone about it before resorting to relying on a sleep aid. You can use meltonin for awhile but its something you don't want to become reliant on. You fine if you use it off and on just cause you need to get some sleep but dont use it as a crutch for sleeping. But honestly if your feeling you depressed you need a sleep aid to help you get to sleep i'd look into atleast talking to someone about whats bothering you and trying to get things turned around.

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