GEN X Labs Lean 650

  1. GEN X Labs Lean 650

    Hey has anyone tried this product?. I have a sample packet of it and I just took 1 cap. One cap is a serving. Based on the ingredients it does look like a decent product.

  2. TMG, GTE, Cissus, and Carnitine are all woefully underdosed BUT the product contains more methylsynephrine than it does caffeine, and on virtue of that alone, it is a nice energy aid/fat loss product.

  3. It's only been about 10 minutes but I was falling asleep before I took it and now I'm wide awake. So it is definitely good for energy.

  4. I can imagine so, considering methylsynephrine and 1,3D, both powerful stimulants, are present in higher doses than caffeine (!).

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