BSL Osmolyte

  1. BSL Osmolyte

    noticed this was out but i havent seen one single person talk about it.. anyone have any opinions?

  2. Never tried it but it looks interesting.

  3. Looks too costly for too little benefit for me.

  4. Ya it is a little pricey which has stopped me from trying it out.

  5. 28 bucks for 35 servings seems pretty reasonable to me..

  6. Decided to go ahead and try it out.. should be here tuesday...

  7. Let us know how it works out for you...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by stryder
    Let us know how it works out for you...
    will do

  9. got it yesterday... its unflavored so im mixing it with juice.. two scoops on workout days and 1 scoop on off days.. it doesnt say anything about off days on the bottle but i figured what the hell...

  10. So have you noticed something?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Reem
    So have you noticed something?
    not really much so far.. but reason im not running a log is because im in the middle of PCT right now.. only been a few days taking it so well see.. but so far no increased pump or anything like that..


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