Elite xt (rich chocolate)

  1. Elite xt (rich chocolate)

    Anyone enjoy this protein. Or find that it has a very interesting taste?

  2. i bought about 3 tubs of this when the new years sale was going on. it's not bad at all.

  3. Chocolate fudge is better!
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  4. I am not to fond of the taste ha bought 2 of Em

  5. Banana nut is by far the best. My wife's hard to please when it comes to protein n this is all shell eat

  6. I don't mind it but kinda has a chalkish after taste

  7. it was ok, but I agree that the fudge is better. The chocolate taste on this is kind of odd, and tends to be a bit chalky. Not a bad protein thought
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  8. IMO it is great. I liked it. Especially when it's randomly sold for cheap.
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  9. Definitly chalky, however its Godly in a protein pancake w/ walnuts!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by pigpen75 View Post
    Definitly chalky, however its Godly in a protein pancake w/ walnuts!
    Ahh.. thats exactly what I remember the chocolate being like.

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