have oxyelite ingredients been changed?

  1. have oxyelite ingredients been changed?

    hi guys! was surfing the net to buy oxyelite pro and i noticed the 'old' oxyelites have the Rauwolscine ingredient (Rauvolfia Canescens L. [Leaf And Root]) but the new have yohimbe bark extract (that contains rauwolscine) that is not the one from rauvolfia canescens. is it the same thing? did they changed the ingredients? Yohimbine is able to stop alpha-2 receptors, but it also stops alpha-1 receptors – which slows lipolysis and thus negates everything we were doing with the alpha-2 receptors. This makes yohimbine ineffective in every study, and may also bring side effects. Rauwolscine/α-yohimbine, however, has a slightly different structure as yohimbine. This structure makes it act as an alpha-2 receptor blocker, yet doesn’t mess with alpha-1 as its different structure does not activate alpha-1. i can't understand if they added yohimbe instead of rauwolscine or if they extract rauwolscine from yohimbine instead of rauvolfia canescens

  2. oxyelite-pro(dot)com/oxyelite-pro-ingredients

    hope this helps.

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