Acetic acid is a liquid at room temp. (melts at 60F)

It's pretty damn easy to purify acetic acid to 100% purity. Don't drink glacial acetic acid.

The issue with acids is not the acid, it's the concentration. At strong concetrations, it will be corrosive to your esophagus.

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According to this study, it takes a whopping 9 capsules of powdered vinegar to equal the acetatic acid in 100 ml of vinegar (both yielding 750 mg Acetic Acid)

100 ml = 6.8 Tablespoons = 750 Acetic Acid
2 Tablespoons (traditional dosing) = 34 ml = 255 Mg Acetic Acid

Now Brand Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules are 450 mg EACH so approximatetly 1.8x (almost twice) the "standard" dose (of 2 Tbls)

One issue that remains is the "dose of 2 tablespoons". There is little if any science supporting this particular amount as efficasious (or safe).

Also, when you say "You don't really want to take too concentrated as it will wreak havoc on your insides", would you mind substantiating that comment? The only downside I have come across was the acid potentially eroding the enamel of your teeth and hence the advice to use capsules or throw down shot style (no swishing in the mouth). Also, as noted in the equation above, one could conclude that it makes MORE sense to use the LESS concentrated apple cider vinegar since such a little amount (caps or liquid) already provide plenty of acetic acid.

Interesting. Thanks for shedding some insight on this dosing caveat.