a friend sold me triazole ... works ?

  1. a friend sold me triazole ... works ?

    20$,he don't needs...

    works ?


  2. Excellent product. I stacked it with activate xtreme.

  3. I will add DAA

    I wanted to try with erase, but is great the price..

  4. Nice. That might be even better. When I ran erase and daa, it was stronger than triazole and activate xtreme. Maybe I should try triazolr and daa and see how that works..

  5. thanks bro!

    Erase Pro + DAA... this is my next stack, but triazole is cheap :S

  6. triazole and erase are both great products I feel that traizole has an edge for strength and aggressiveness but erase had an edge when it comes to aesthetics and giving you a much more dry appearance.

  7. The decreased water retention is something I still don't know about. When I took Triazole it was in the dead of summer so it was hot as balls. I was sweating anyways, but a lot more than everyone else. Erase makes me sweat as well, but as I end my 8 weeks on it (the past 4 being Erase Pro actually), I definitely haven't sweated as much. But the temp also hasn't been as high. I dunno, either way, they both do a kickass job. Can't go wrong with either imo.


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