500mg sns agmatine+whiteflood=insane pumps

  1. 500mg sns agmatine+whiteflood=insane pumps

    dosed 500mg agmatine with 1 scoop whiteflood today for bi/back and omfg, biceps were insanely pumped to the point it hurt on the peak. not sure i can bump up to 1 gram.....when whiteflood is done im thinking agmatine, arginine e2 matrix, mcc?

  2. I did this exact same combo in my old log. 500mg is the sweet spot. 1g was honestly too much.

    Arginine E2 will work well with agmatine since Norvaline will enhance pumps while the ornithine provides endurance.

  3. awsome....i felt nothing at 250mg, 500mg and BAM!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    awsome....i felt nothing at 250mg, 500mg and BAM!
    I have used Agmatine, MCC, and the Arginine Matrix. Nothing but pure excellence. Stacked with focus xt its one of my favorite preworkout stacks.
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  5. i was just looking at the focus xt special...

  6. 500mg agmatine plus anything is win

  7. @1g WITH COMPLEX CARBS all day "spider veins" is simply amazing stuff!


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