Diesel Test Pro-Cycle + Supersaponins

  1. Diesel Test Pro-Cycle + Supersaponins

    I just ordered this natty-T stack, have ran DTP numerous times, have never tried SS.. had been interested when it was outta stock n then I happened to notice it was in (have been absent from here for a good while). Curious if anyone has ran this combo before?? Suggestions for getting the most of it etc..? Plan to dose the SS on the "off days" from DTP, n figured combining it the other days may allow me to cut back a tab or 2 on the DTP n stretch the bottle a bit more. I'm anticipating a pretty nice boost from this..

  2. from my personal experience with ss, i went off the hype that everybody that had taken it back in the day, before it had went out of stock for a few years, saying nothing but positive reviews. so when word got around on the forum that it was being ressurrected, i decided to jump out the window and purchased 2 jars; and boy was i let down and disappointed. hope your experience with it is totally opposite of mine.

    also when they were about to rerelease the powder, everyone on the boards was talking crazy about it, and when it actually become available,
    it has been quiet as kept. nobody ever brung it up in anymore threads, as if everyone shared a simular experience as mine.

    i'm just saying though.

    love me some DTP/DTH..

  3. Appreciate the feedback. Damn, hope I have a different story too haha. Know a least the DTP will come thru for me if not the SS in some way

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